Product Advantages

Key advantages of our search platform

  • Unlike the simple keyword-based search, FORCIA's search platform is capable of multi-faceted dynamic navigation, in which multiple attributes can be chosen and filtered simultaneously. Data is easily sliced and diced across multiple dimensions, and users can quickly zoom in and out to see fine details and the aggregate view.
  • Moreover, the platform is designed to give intelligent responses to the user's navigation choices and provides encouragement to follow valid paths and minimize invalid or in-effective choices.
  • Customers will feel very comfortable with this intuitive and dynamic navigation, which creates more and more discovery opportunities.
Fast response to the scale and complexity of the underlying data:
  • In general, you might expect that increasing data volume would negatively impact performance. But FORCIA's unique technologies allow tens of millions of complex combinations to be processed quickly. In fact, the greater the data volume or complexity, the better the platform actually performs. This is a key advantage for growing businesses with increasing volumes of data.
Friendly, intuitive interface:
  • Information is comprehensively and compactly presented on a single screen.
  • The platform can also predict which products the customers are most likely to buy with an AI self-learning algorithm. In addition to self-learning, the platform also incorporates know-how from our deep industry knowledge and 15 years of experience.

Our products


"Spook®" is our flagship platform.

  • It is customizable and applicable to a wide range of industries. FORCIA will customize the platform based on the client's request.
  • Spook® is capable of handling a wide range of data scale and complexity.
  • Typical applications: e-commerce site search and business analysis
  • Spook® can be built on the premises or on the cloud as an enterprise model.

Spook® has been widely adopted by the Japanese travel industry, because travel data has many attributes with wide ranges such as dates, places, preferences, plans, inventory, etc., and the number of these combinations can be as high as several million.

Google Hotel Ads Promotion Program

"Google Hotel Ads" is a service provided by Google, in which hotel room rates or vacancies are showcased on and Google Maps. FORCIA supports the travel data feed, ads operation, and tender administration.
At present FORCIA is the only Google Hotel Ads integration partner that has been certified in Japan, because of our unique search technology to handle large and complex travel data, and our dominant position to support the Japanese travel industry.

TABI KURA (Meta search)

FORCIA provides a hotel plan meta-search solution based on SaaS.
FORCIA is the #1 integrator of travel data in Japan. This position provides access to such a large volume of data and further enables FORCIA's role as a central travel data hub. Clients can build their own portal sites in order for users to compare among the hotel plans of more than 20 travel agencies.


FORCIA search platform incorporates the latest market trends and major features for e-commerce marketing strategy. In addition to the product key advantages (navigation, fast response, friendly intuitive interface, and self-learning) , the following options are available.

Advanced Keyword Search

Various refinement techniques to increase product discovery

  • Auto completion: With every key stroke, the probable product matches and the match counts are displayed.
  • Smart results:  synonym matching with custom mapping, ranking sort, 'Did you mean?' suggestion when zero results are found.

Mobile Site Search

Provides an excellent shopping experience across all the sizes of mobile devices.

Optimized for small screens. (Responsive design or mobile specific design)

Product Recommendations

Generate and display complementary products based on various conditions such as purchase history or similar products, in order to enhance and guide the customer's shopping experience

Promote the up-selling and cross-selling of products

Multi-language Support

Support multiple languages such as English or Chinese, as well as Japanese

Unification of software files for smooth operation

Access Control

Product information is customized based on user type

(e.g. show/not show item, or display different discounts, depending on specific member's individual or corporate ID's)

Campaign Page Generation

Advertisement of specific products by automatically-generated pages with a page custom tool


Various SEO solution implementations to increase site traffic

(Crawlable Ajax page, pagination, etc.)


Application Programming Interface is available

Enables API blocks to be incorporated into webpages


Personalized into display of results for each user, based on the user's behavior analysis such as browsing and purchase history

Log Data Reporting

FORCIA original log analytics tool creates aggregated log data reports which include information such as search keyword and filtering.

This information provides valuable insight to understand site search tendencies, customer's demand and desires in order to improve item lineup, tune site features, and keyword matching.

Technology Summary

Our platform is comprised of several technologies. In order to provide the best user-experience, each technology is optimized and customized for each client.

  1. Data aggregation and standardization: The client's various types of data are aggregated and standardized to enable search across these data (i.e., data cleansing, name-based aggregation).
  2. Data structure optimization: In order to increase speed and search flexibility, the large and complex database is converted and restructured
  3. Query optimization: Optimized processing and an original framework enables fast search
  4. Browser display optimization: A user-effective browser display has been developed based on 15 years of experience and know-how